Good summer tyres increase your safety

ok-16-195620  At temperatures above 7 ° C, the best choice
ok-16-195620  Shorter braking distance and less chance of accidents

ok-16-195620  Better handling and grip on the road
ok-16-195620  Above 7 ° C, suitable for any weather – even rainfall

Summer tyres: the best choice below 7 ° C

It is warmer outside than 7 ° C? Then it’s time to change your winter tyres to summer tyres. Where winter tyres to help you get the best grip in the cold and snow, summer tyres are capable of transporting you from A to B for the rest of the year. With sun and heat, but also in ‘normal’ New Zealand temperatures and rainy days. We advise you to ride on the summer tyres in the months of April / September.

Swap your winter tyres in time for summer tyres

In the summer, keep on driving on wintertyres is not a good idea. Due to the soft rubber of the winter tyre, the braking distance of your car is at a higher temperature longer, which increases the risk of accidents. At a temperature of 15 ° C and a speed of 50 km / h, the braking distance for the wintertyres is about 20% longer than on summertyres.


Could you use some help in finding the right tyre? Contact us, we advise you gladly.


Have summer tyres? Make an appointment online for a tyre change. In half an hour to an hour, we provide your car with new tyres. If you want to beat the crowds, it’s best to schedule an appointment before September / October. You can save your wintertyres with us, always insured against fire and theft. Does your car needs servicing or MOT? Then we can combine this with the tyre change.


Advantageous package price discount tyrefitting

At Stevo’s Tyres, we stand for quality. We assemble and balance your tyres with the utmost care and professionalism. With our package price we offer you:

ok-16-195620  Mounting and Balancing
ok-16-195620  Visual Alignment Check
ok-16-195620  1 Year Free Repair at Puncture (if possible)
ok-16-195620  Free getting your tyres to the correct pressure
ok-16-195620  Always Full Stevo’s Tyres warranty

Have you bought your tyres elsewhere and you want Stevo’s Tyres to mount them?


Also, we’re happy to help! Contact Stevo’s Tyres and hear directly what the cost to do so will be.

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Take care of your tyres: Tips for maintenance
Keep your tyres in good condition to ensure they perform at their best and last the longest.

ok-16-195620  Check your tyre pressure
ok-16-195620  Check your cars alignment for better handling
ok-16-195620  Regularly check your tread depth of your summer tyres
ok-16-195620  Check out more tyre tips

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